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Call me crazy, but I think it’s rather strange for a brewery in Denmark to use hops from Washington to make a single hop IPA. Aren’t there plenty of quality hops to be found in Europe (many of which US breweries import) that they didn’t need to import the warrior hop? I checked out the Mikkeller website and discovered that several years ago, this brewery created more than 76 new beers, all of which were bottled and sold across the world. I find this incredibly impressive.

The warrior hop is typically used for its buttering qualities and used here to create that classic American IPA flavor. But as the name implies, the only hop used in this offering from Mikkeller is the warrior hop making this a true representation of the flavor inherited from this hop.

The pour is beautiful and reveals an orange colored beer leaning towards the brown side of the color wheel. After the pour, a thick, sticky white foam on top. The head dissipates quickly, but form the outside in, leaving a glacier of head that slowly melts until it eventually disappears. This left quite a bit of lacing all over the glass. The nose wafts clean, fresh IPA, hoppy flavor with elements of pine in the background to support the hops. What I appreciate most in this moment is the balance. Nothing is overpowering and there is not any other flavors trying to make their way to the top. There is just a nice balance.

The bottle is pinkish which is why I post this during breast cancer awareness month. My Aunt Elaine passed away from breast cancer after nearly a ten year battle a couple years ago – a life cut far too short. After her diagnosis, she wrote a bucket list of everything she wanted to experience and completed everything except for one thing – to swim with sharks. For all my readers and for everyone you love and care about, we have to continue to raise awareness for this disease and keep the world informed of preventative measures as we continue to strive towards a cure. Only together can we overcome this.

You can find a 12 oz bottle of Mikkeller Single Hop Warrior IPA for between $4 – $6 at fine microbreweries. Warrior has a 6.9% ABV which makes this a bit heavier than it’s cousins across the pond, but the alcohol does not stand out or cause any kind of burn. This is quite a sticker shock, but something I am glad I experienced. This is a well balanced beer and one I would happily purchase if I ever find myself in Denmark. As for now, I’ll let American breweries make my American IPA beers and leave the europeans to other beer they do best.

Grade: B