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Inevitable, some pervert has found this page looking for something else entirely. I’m sorry for those of you that fit into this category, but the rest of this posting is going to let you down.

I’ll let that sink in for a minute.

I have long been a fan of wooden cutting boards. It took me nearly ten years before I found one that I liked and I use it every time I cook. I propose to you plastic, glass, and (eek!) countertop cutting folks out there to put down your knives and consider the benefits of a wooden cutting board:

5. Beauty: Although I am a fan of function over ascetics, wooden cutting boards provide the best of both worlds. I own an end grain cutting board set in a check pattern that is as much a part of my wife’s decorating scheme as a useful part of my kitchen. Granted, some cutting boards are pretty plain looking, but even these can quickly become a beautiful part of your kitchen that you will not hide away like other cutting boards.

4. Eco-friendly: I may be a broken record, but anytime you can use an eco-friendly or green product in the kitchen, you might as well. There is a plethora of wooden cutting boards out there, and the bamboo ones are not only sustainable, but incredibly affordable.

3. Resistant to gouging: One thing I hate about the plastic cutting boards is that they easily get gouged and scratched and nicked and these are prime locations for bacteria to live in. Wooden cutting board are almost self healing in that unless you intentionally cut the heck out of your board, it will resist any scratches and be as good as new year after year.

2. Knife friendly: Plastic also has this advantage over glass and stone cutting surfaces, but I prefer wooden cutting boards because they are easier on your knives. Your knives will keep there sharpness longer and you will have to make less trips to the sharpener or the emergency room. A dull knife is extremely dangerous as you tend to put more pressure increasing the possibility of a kitchen injury and a potential missing finger.

1. Ease of cleaning: Wooden cutting boards need only be sealed using mineral oil once a month and washed with warm soapy water. Plastic cutting boards have a tendency to needĀ sterilizationĀ and if you place them in the dishwasher, there is a good chance that it will warp. Wooden boards are just easier to wash and keep clean and the antimicrobial properties of wood will decrease the chances that your cutting surface will contaminate your food without you knowing it.

Note: Now I do want to come clean and say that I do own both a wooden cutting board and a plastic. Plastic is used for raw meats and the wooden is used for everything else. I do use my plastic flexible cutting boards for display purposes for the blog, but mostly everything is cut on a wooden board.