About me

Hello Reader,

I’ve had a really difficult time writing this section. I’ve started and stopped a half a dozen times. I’m not a culinary genius or a food critic by any means. I’m just a regular guy who loves food and cooking.

My culinary education began early in my life. I would sit in front of the television watching shows like Yan Can Cook and The French Chef on PBS and marvel at how Martin Yan and Julia Child would make beautiful plates out of simple ingredients. Okay, perhaps when I was nine that really didn’t matter, but these chefs made cooking fun. It wasn’t until many years later that I became introduced to cooking when I started working as a line cook during summer breaks from college.  I was not churning out Zagat worthy meals, but I learned the basic skills of cooking, the discipline necessary to take pride in your work, and the importance of keeping your work station clean.

I’ve lived in some of the greatest food cities in the United States. Las Vegas, New York, Boston, and Chicago have presented me the opportunity to educate my palate and gain an appreciation for the diverse culinary landscape. I try new foods, get ideas from the dishes I have eaten, and bring those combinations home to invent an adaptation of my own. Each time I sit down to enjoy a meal is another adventure in food.

My wife is an eager travelling companion and we consider it part of our education in food to try out that recipe seen on our favorite cooking shows or a recipe in a magazine that made us start to salivate on the spot. Dinner is something we look forward to every day. Maybe a recipe will be added to our home cook book or perhaps we will banish it forever and try to block it out of our minds. It all adds to the experience. Every recipe I post on my blog has been happily eaten and enjoyed personally. This blog has provided me the opportunity to delve even further into expressing myself as a cook. I have felt more creative in the kitchen and driven to find foods that turn me on since beginning this journey. Thanks for your support and I hope that I can inspire you to start your own adventure.



All food photos on this site are copyright Keith Hebert and may not be used or reproduced without permission. The writing that appears on this blog is Keith’s original writing unless otherwise noted. The text from this site also may not be used, copied or reproduced in any way without express written consent.

  1. Food Lover says:

    Hi Keith! I love your intro. It’s very genuine. Enjoy your food adventures.

  2. Hey Keith! I love you blog – especially all the photos. You make cooking look so easy!

    I’ve nominate you for the ABC award for awesome blog content. http://rewritingamanda.wordpress.com/2012/05/07/abc-award-and-other-updates/

    Hope you’re well! Keep eating!

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