Microbrew Mondays: Sprecher Abbey Triple

Posted: February 27, 2012 in Beer and Wine Reviews
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Don’t hate me (because I rather hate myself for this), but I originally ordered the Sprecher Abbey Triple because there was a corporate suit sitting at the bar who butchered the name of the brewery (his rhymed with the word stretcher) and the bartender did not correct him. I was having a particularly nasty day and wanted to just take a minute and win one for the little guys, for whatever that’s worth. Although the suit did look up at me when I ordered my beer, he clearly still thought he was correct. Here’s to quiet victories.

Sprecher Abbey Triple comes in a globe glass as an orange fireball swirling with a cloudy haze. Bartenders really do have a gift for pouring beer and mine came perfectly with two fingers of head that spilled over the glass and settled on the coaster below. Visually, I found this to be a stunning display. Like other triples, the aroma is floral, fruity and contains a high concentration of yeast. I was intrigued after my first taste because I couldn’t quite place my finger of what I was tasting. There was the expected clove and orange taste supported by a solid framework of alcohol, but I swear I was tasting campfire. Not strong like an actual fire, but hidden deep in the recesses of this beer, there is a hint of smoke or perhaps darkened bread crust. The next few sips did not contain this flavor and I thought I was stark raving mad, but then it came back, never out in front, but always in the background. My one complaint about this beer is that it does not finish clean and contains a mild alcohol burn. While the pleasant taste lingers in the cheeks and gums, but my esophagus felt attacked.

Having had the Yard House Triple only a month ago, I thought picking this offering from Wisconsin based Sprecher would be a sure fire win. I’m still up in the air about this one. It showed such promise at the beginning, but failed to contain itself during the end game. The Abbey Triple contains 8.4% ABV which may account for the alcohol burn. I have seen 4 packs of Abbey Triple for around $8 in the Midwest, but have not found it anywhere else. This is not an exceptional beer and I would certainly purchase others over it. That said, this is a good offering from Sprecher and one I may try again in the future just to see if my initial impressions are correct.

Grade: C+

  1. Thank you for the great review, but even when pronounced correctly(which we could – coming from Germany) still would be dissapointed with a weak exit.
    Cheers 🙂

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