Microbrew Mondays: North Coast Brewing Co. Pranqster

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Beer and Wine Reviews
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I purchased a 4 pack of Pranqster from Trader Joes and wasn’t convinced of its worthiness until I cracked open the third one a week after drinking the first two. I was originally drawn to Pranqster due to its packaging revealing a joyous scene of grotesquely obese men drinking in a tavern in what appears to be the 18th century. The bottle itself is short and fat which only adds to the humor.

Pranqster pours a straw yellow color and quickly forms an off white head.  There is a slight haze that clouds the glass. The aroma is sweet, almost fruit like, with plenty of yeast filling in the undertones. I can’t quite place my finger on which fruit, but I get hints of banana or perhaps star fruit. The taste is immediately sweet as the malt and yeast flavors form a tornado on your palate. The taste quickly fills your entire mouth before disappearing, leaving behind a haunting memory of the beer that was (I know that was deep. Thank you for your appreciation). There is almost a dirty feel to this beer without ever being unpleasant. I wouldn’t quite place this beer on the heavy end of things, but this is by no means a thin or light beer. Perhaps the best way to describe this beer is medium bodied with a lifetime membership to the gym.

I like this beer quite a bit. It’s fun and refreshing. I made multiple attempts to extract any specific flavors, but the beer kept changing its mind as to what it was. At first, it was a general blonde beer that anyone could enjoy, at other times, it was a guest speaker from a bakery, and other times, transformed to something else altogether. I appreciate a beer where different flavors emerge at different times. It’s makes it much more fun. You can find Pranqster in 4 packs for around $7 or in 750ml corked bottles. The 7.6% ABV should keep you plenty entertained. But be warned, it sneaks up on your quickly and all at once. In the fine art of the Belgian tradition, this is a well crafted ale that I would be happy to serve to my close friends.

Grade: B

  1. I conducted a beer dinner with them while manning the stoves at the monk’s kettle in san francisco. By far one of the best breweries around.

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