Microbrew Mondays: Yard House Belgian Amber Tripel

Posted: January 9, 2012 in Beer and Wine Reviews
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The Yard House Belgian Amber Tripel is listed as a house beer, but is actually brewed across the ocean by the Brasserie de Silly. It’s an exclusive brew sold only in Yard House locations across the United States. This Tripel has been recreated as the old version was retired due to a lack of positive customer feedback. The brewmaster took hops from England, Germany,and Belgium to create a unique amber colored triple (most tripel’s are not amber). I know this only because the Yard House put together a YouTube promotional video. Really? Yes, really.

There is one thing kept running through my head as I was working my way slowly to the bottom of the glass.

God this is good.

The Yard House Tripel pours a beautiful pale red-orange color, hazy, with a good amount of foam that sticks around for a few minutes. Mine was poured into a tuliped glass. Immediately, I was hit was a sweet caramel and fruity aroma that lies somewhere in between raisins and bananas. The taste is warm, full bodied, and incredibly complex. There are distinct honey and brown sugar notes that bring out a pleasurable sweetness. Part of me swears they ferment this beer is dark rum casks (they don’t).

The Yard House has a tremendous amount of high quality beers, but I would not hesitate to order the House Tripel again if I was looking for a familiar friend. The Yard House sells a goblet of their Tripel for around $7, but does not allow it’s patrons to purchase a half-yard or take any home in a six pack. You will not find this in any store, nor will you be able to order it direct from Belgium (emails to the Brasserie de Silly were not replied to). At 9.0% ABV, this is a potent beer that is meant to be enjoyed and not guzzled. If you find yourself in an area with a Yard House, you may want to stop in, have a pizza, and enjoy this amber ale. I highly recommend it.

Grade: A


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