Microbrew Mondays: Magic Hat #9

Posted: December 5, 2011 in Beer and Wine Reviews
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I have heard rave reviews about Magic Hat from some of my friends. Several years ago, I tried a pint and feigned my enjoyment mostly because I felt that everyone knew something I didn’t. What was described to me as an apricot beer tasted like a watered down home brewers first attempt. I recently picked up another bottle of #9 and thought I would give it one last try. Perhaps my palette had evolved to appreciate #9.


The pour reveals a beautiful orange color with an inner core you would swear was red. I intentionally poured the beer straight into the glass to develop a large head and was pleasantly surprised to find that not only could I smell the apricot in the head, I could taste it as well. The taste revealed – well – nothing really. Which makes sense. Since I’ve started experimenting with different microbrews, my palette now demands more complex flavors, and #9 just simply does not have any pizzazz.

This being Magic Hat’s flagship beer makes me question highly Magic Hat as a brewery. I was gravely disappointed by this beer and even at the relatively affordable 12 pack at around $14 and its wide availability, I would never buy this beer, nor recommend it to anyone.

Grade: F

  1. Paul says:

    I usually agree with many of your assessments, but not this one. I think you may be looking for something in #9 that was never meant to be there, complexity.

    This beer is simple and delicious…

    • Keith Hebert says:

      I appreciate your feedback Paul. I think I was looking for something unique, not complex. Although this is an apricot beer which is unique, I don’t think it is necessarily well done.

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