Microbrew Mondays: Stone Ruination IPA

Posted: November 14, 2011 in Beer and Wine Reviews
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Stone makes fantastic beer and this spur of the moment choice at The Yardhouse in Glenview, IL did not disappoint. I love The Yardhouse and if you have one near you, my guess is you do as well. My waitress introduced herself as a beer connoiseur and I challenged her to recommend a beer I would love given only three yes or no questions. She discovered that I like dark, hoppy beers, I prefer citrus over chocolate, and the higher alcohol contents don’t bother me.

What came to my table was a hazy orange colored glass of heaven. The aroma released through the thick head was tropical and bursting with citrus flavor. The taste is extremely hoppy given it 100+ IBU rating and the 7.7% APV is not overly prevalent (although at the end of my glass, I was beginning to feel my initial buzz). What I appreciated the most about this glass was the taste lingered in my mouth for quite a while and seemed to intensify the next sip. I know that sounds like a completely bonkers way of describing it, but it’s the best I got.

Ruination is available on tap, in 6 packs, or found in 22oz bottles at your favorite microbrew distributor. Ranging from around $17 for the 6 pack and $7 for the 22oz, this is not exactly a value buy. Stone makes excellent beers and I’m not too sure that I would choose this over some of the other Stone brews given the engorged price tag. Regardless, this is an excellent, well balanced beer from a fine brewery and one that I recommend you hoppy beer lovers to pick this up the next time you have an opportunity.

Grade: A


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