Posted: July 19, 2011 in Food Advice
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I always wondered who first started saying, “Cool,” “That’s Whack,” or added “-izzle” to the end of random words before these phrases were used by every member of a particular generation. I’m sure some realm of academia has documented who is responsible for making these things popular, but I think it is much more impressive to be the first regardless if you get the credit. Sadly, it’s likely that these creators probably went mad trying to convince everyone that they were saying something way before everyone else, but that’s besides the point.

As fate would have it, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet the person who first started using the acronym CC:00 to indicate when it was time to take a break from work and enjoy a tasty treat with friends and family. What started first as an inside joke and a ploy to get people to visit her at her office (with cupcakes in hand) has quickly yielded a local following. Here is its entry from Urban Dictionary:

The way I see it, if the English can take a break in the afternoon for tea, then Americans can take a break anytime the mood strikes for a cupcake. So the next time your having a sugar craving, post this on your favorite social networking site and encourage your friends and family to join you for Cupcake Hour. How can this not be a good idea?


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