Making Your Own Sushi

Posted: July 11, 2011 in Food Advice, Sushi Week
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My favorite neighborhood gem in New York was this little sushi place on W Houston St, Ushiwakamaru (Warning: not for the sushi beginner). It’s plainly decorated, and there is no attempt to create any kind of typical restaurant atmosphere, but the food is incredibly delicate and you can’t beat the service.

While eating a late dinner, the sushi chef told me that he spent an entire year learning how to sharpen his knives and slice vegetables. Only when he was able to cut a cucumber into a 10 foot tall paper thin sheet was he able to begin touching the fish. This isn’t bad considering he spent a year and a half before this making rice. This kind of disciplined training is common among sushi masters and something I revere. If you’ve never been to a sushi restaurant, I can tell you that the best seat in the house is not the one you have to tip to Maitre’D for, but it’s sitting right at the bar so you can watch the chefs at work.

With this is mind, today begins Sushi Week! Each day will feature a new roll or appetizer that I have come to know and love. However, I would never leave you stranded on Culinary Island, so in hopes of getting you started, below are two important but basic sushi techniques that you will need to know: making rice and rolling a maki roll.

Making Rice

Rolling a Maki Roll (You can tell this chef has been doing this forever).

Now that you’ve got a better idea of the basics, check out my easy to follow guides for a California Roll, Spicy Salmon Roll, an adaptation to a Spider Roll, and a beautiful Avocado Ball appetizer with grilled shrimp and tuna..


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