A case for – the Electric Kettle

Posted: February 21, 2011 in Kitchen Equipment
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I’m an enormous fan of High Fidelity, so I present to you my reasons why you should invest in an electric kettle in the style of Rob Gordon.

Top 5 things an Electric Kettle can do Better than a Traditional

5. Boil Water – electric kettles boil water faster than traditional kettles saving you time and money. Need proof? Check out my Electric Kettle vs Stovetop experiment video below.

4. Soft boil an egg – put an egg in the bottom, cover it with water, and turn on the kettle. 10 minutes later, you have a perfect soft boil egg every time. Want more than 1 egg? Add as many as your kettle can hold. It’ll still take 10 minutes.

3. Heat to perfect tea temperature – some electric kettles have temperature settings that allow you to heat the water to perfect tea temperature. This prevents you from burning your tea and making it bitter.

2. Free up a burner – this one may sound obvious because a traditional kettle needs a burner to heat up. However, an electric kettle can be utilized as an extra pot. I’ve used the kettle to warm frozen vegetables when I would run out of burners on the stove. Put the frozen vegetables in, cover with water and turn on. They’ll be at temperature in less than 2 minutes. I’ve also used it to keep stock warm when making risotto.

1. Be safe – electric kettles are designed so the handles remain cool even when the water is boiling. This means you will never burn your hand or have to use a tea towel to pick it up. Also, electric kettles turn off by themselves making the possibility of leaving the kettle on and burning the kitchen down non-existent.

    1. Wow I’m sold. I love the whole egg cooking part. (I’m all about some eggs lately).

      • Keith Hebert says:

        That’s fantastic that I sold you. The boiled egg is my personal favorite use for it. I highly recommend Breville brand kettles. If you’re into tea, the new ones have temperature settings for specific kinds of tea.

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