My Adventures: The James Bond Martini

Posted: February 8, 2011 in Food Adventures
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A vodka martini is a sophisticated, yet simple cocktail. A proper martini perfectly blends vodka and vermouth and is garnished with an olive. My first official martini was mixed on my 21st birthday. The experience was more than memorable.

At the time, I was living in Las Vegas where I was finishing my final year of college. My roommate was dating a girl who had the same birthday, so we decided that we needed to make a night of it with all our friends. We dressed in our finest clothes and went out for a night on the Strip.

I want to mention that when you live in Vegas, you avoid the Strip like the plague. The traffic is awful and the sidewalks are filled with slow moving tourists. Granted, these tourists kept my tuition down for four years by pumping their hard earned money into slot machines, but if I could have avoided the Strip, I did. However, given that this was a milestone birthday and, for the first time, I could legally be on the casino floor, I wanted to take full advantage of what my city had to offer. Besides, who doesn’t want to be carded by lots of people on their birthday.

After gambling away $20, we had decided to go to a piano bar. I walked to the bar and with much bravado, I looked the bartender in the eye, ordered a Ketle One martini and added with much sophistication, “Shaken, not stirred.” My friends quickly disassociated themselves with me and crept silently over to the other side of the bar. I thought nothing of it. It was my birthday and no one could bring me down.

Placing my drink down, the bartender asked, “Will there be anything else Mr. Bond?” I couldn’t help but laugh.


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